Sunday, 12 July 2009

From: Gregor, Simon - Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 11:27 AM - Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: Patient and Public Engagement

As it was by then Friday, after receipt of the out of office notice and being concerned about publishing the informal emails without Mr Gregor knowing; I called Mr Gregors colleague and spoke with her about the situation, she read the email I directed her to, sent me a read receipt, marked the email urgent to ensure Mr Gregor would notice it.

He called a little later that day and we discussed the situation; as our contact at this point was on an informal basis this call will not be transcript or published.

During the conversation it was mutually understood that our correspondence thus far was informal, that I was reluctant to publish - but felt I had been left no choice. Mr Gregor seemed to appreciate my making contact to inform him of my intention to publish, rather than him just coming across the Blog or having it brought to his attention by a third party.

Our conversation ended on the gist that although the correspondence thus far was informal the decision whether to publish was left to my discretion as to whether I felt it necessary. Because of my reluctance about publishing I decided to stalled to see if the internet situation resolved – which it didn’t - if anything it escalated.

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